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released July 4, 2012



all rights reserved


ASATTA Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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Track Name: Venus and the Hole in the Sun
Seen on the far away shores, Venus is her name,
I have waited many moons, for these stars to align
We have sacrificed, to see the eyes of god
Behold her beauty, embrace the dawn

Bring me paradise, oh our new sabbath
Oh our great spirit, inhale her deep within

She takes away all the pain and sorrow, Venus now in place
I will take her hand and torch the stars, Venus is her name
Bring me paradise forever, take my people home
Yeah the sky and the sea are falling, I will meet you there
We have dreamt of the day we see her, Venus is her name
With contempt and love we hold her, take my people home
She takes away all the pain and sorrow, Venus now in place
I will take her hand and torch the stars, Venus is her name
Track Name: 1678, The Mowing Devil
We are the kings of the frozen mountains
We burn the holy circles
Lost in the ancient morning
We are the palehorse riders
We are the Wolfpack
We are the Motherfuckers
I can hear the blaring screams
I can hear the trumpets
Disgraced and doomed forever
We mow the holy ground
You have seen us in the distance
We are the ancients
Watchers of man and time, we are the hunters
My heart moans within me
We are crushing the last flower

I will bring the light
I will kill the day
I will cut the throat of god himself

I can still hear her scream, wolves are chasing the dream
Remembering the days of old, forever we are shitting gold
Hunters of the 7th sign, swine of christ they are blind
I can still hear her scream, I can still hear her scream
Track Name: Heathens of the Ancients, Father of the Frost Giants
We are the ones, high on the hog
And left for dead, at the ends of Earth
Our eyes bleed red, the red of the sun
Dogma erased, mountains of gold
Bury these souls, forgotten slaves, SLAVES!


These mountains glimmer with the guts of man
The gods are pleased now take their hand
With open wings we fly into the sun
The gods are pleased their will be done
Oceans of caskets I can see the dawn
This worlds gone black and the light is gone
We face the end ancient harvestor
Flesh into soil suffering no more.

A thousand years never to return
Destroy their past bloch out the sun
Consume this mushroom and see inside
Burn in flames your bastard sons
Remove their heads and eat their eyes
We mock the universe and drag you down, down, down

A thousand years never to return
Devastator please mow them down
And block out the sun
Track Name: Son of the Morning
Eyes of fire, Breath of smoke
By the river, Diamonds
And she wept, as she died
Murdered souls, Always burn
Mouth of god, Behind his eyes
I saw (him) by the river
He held my hand and ate my soul
Was no demon, only me
Codex Gigas, before my eyes
Tempting tales, across the sea
(Son) of truth, god of nature
Sea of flames, by the river
Along the banks, walk with me
We are outsiders, left hand path
Show me the way, this fine morning
With Mastema, By the River...

Born in the house of stone I wont deny
Let me come out of the womb on the otherside
I've seen the devil and looked him in the eye
He held me in his arms by the riverside
Fire burns the forest and you will shine
Hunt them like the lion and their kind
Pusue them with your tempest
They are blind
Terrify them with your storms and bury them
As the flames scorch the hills, we are pure
In the land of deepest gloom, I am god
And wove my bones and flesh, I am born
You will be my morning son, yes my love
Now we mourn your soul and we rejoice
You will stay as my son and you will rise